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  Chengdu fu ji technology co., LTD is located in chengdu cross-strait industrial park of science and technology,There are workers60More than one,Have、Senior title of professional engineer10More than one。
  The company is mainly engaged in oil field chemicals research and development、Production、Sales and technical services。Successively developed the popularization and applicationUTSeriesFoam agent、FGSeriesDefoaming agent、Special gas wellBlocking agentDemulsifier、Oil and gas Wells with solid、The liquidCorrosion inhibitorAnti-scaling agent、The well special solid paraffin inhibitor、Solid antiscale agent、High efficiency oil displacement agent、Water treatment agent、The solid defoamer filling device、Intelligent automatic agent system and so on dozens of products,And is widely applied in sichuan province、In north China、Changqing、Ji Li、Daqing、Qinghai、Liaohe、The victory、Xinjiang oilfield company, etc。
  The company has a group of product development、Quality checks、Technical services such as high-quality professional and technical personnel。Equipped with laboratory for the development of high-tech products、Experimental equipment and production monitoring、Testing for all kinds of analysis、Testing instruments to ensure high quality products to provide to the user,And to ensure that products provide timely in the process of field application、The high quality technical services。
  .also company is sichuan province“High and new technology enterprise”,PassedISO9001The international quality management system certification......

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  • Defoaming agent​Chinese style is common in our daily life of a chemical,Sidetrack a topic here;When it comes to chemistry many hearts,Will contact related to the harmful to human body。In fact,This is not a comprehensive answer。Really can't say it's a question of right or wrong,Because the antifoaming agent is divided into three types

  • With the continuous development of science and technology,China's international status、Comprehensive national strength has the obvious enhancement,Defoaming agent is chemical science,More and more widely applied in the field of application,More and more get the welcome of people,So what are the common defoaming agent types of fields?

  • Anti-scaling agent;Fu ji products antiscale agent for high-tech products,Can effectively prevent the wax in crude oil molecular crystal、Gathered themselves together,Reduce the freezing point of crude oil,The characteristics of the crude oil flows easily;Products non-toxic instead、No harm、Stability is good,Can effectively prevent because of wax precipitation of condensate oil and sucker rod and impact。

  • The preface,Defoaming agent in the applications of the life of people more and more widely,A good factory not only the products with advanced technology,And cancellation in bubble component technology to control also has a very skilled,All these are not enough,Also need to have a certificate of national related departments and qualified production equipment,Then,In the domestic manufacturer of defoaming agent or concentrated defoaming agent factory what word of mouth is better?

  • Defoaming agent another alias also called defoaming agent,Use a gf,The species is also very much,For example、Edible defoaming agent、With silicon defoamer、Organic silicon defoamer、The line defoaming agent、Defoaming agent in water treatment、Pulping defoaming agent、The writing of defoaming agent and so on very much,The small make up today to say these defoaming agent USES for everyone。

  • The word may cancel the layman bubble agent is a little strange,Today we explain some defoamer common sense for everyone,Let us more of this product has a more profound understanding。When the area of foam agent USES is very wide, for example;Pulp and paper industry、Go well、Household、The field of sewage treatment and so on have been widely used,Such a product which is closely linked to our life,In particular“The fourth generation of defoaming agent”There are several kinds of models?

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